Kenwood KHC29.N0SI Prospero+ Stand Mixer & Blender

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Product code: 85543201

Set your culinary creativity free with the Prospero+ 6-in-1. Designed as a compact all in one solution, Prospero+ offers more than your traditional food mixer.

Boasting a 3L bowl and a durable 1000W motor, Prospero+ can facilitate mixing up to 36 cupcakes in a single batch. Alongside 3 dedicated bowl tools (the signature k-Beater, a balloon whisk, and a dough hook) as well as splashguard for mess-free whisking, kneading and mixing, Prospero+’s additional outlets give you opportunity to use a range of other helpful attachments. Save time and say hello to speedy slicing, grating, juicing, blending and even meat grinding with the included food processor, meat grinder, blender, centrifugal and citrus juicer attachments.

More than just a mixer, the Prospero+ offers you ultimate versatility in the kitchen.

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